Welcome to customers and friends of Lars Eidnes and Eidnes Furs

Picture of Lars Eidnes and Gary Schroeder

The Early Years - Lars Eidnes and Gary Schroeder
in the early days of Moscow Hide and Fur, buying
fur for the Hudson's Bay Company

Picture of Gary Schroeder and Lars Eidnes

Later Years - Gary Schroeder and
Lars Eidnes, still buying furs 40 years later

From Gary J. Schroeder, Owner
Moscow Hide and Fur in Moscow, Idaho


As many of you know, our friend Lars Eidnes passed away on June 7, 2014. Although we have many common friends and customers, not many people know the story of why there are two such similar businesses so close to each other in Idaho.

Lars and I met as students at the University of Wisconsin Superior in 1967 and we both had an interest in wildlife. I had enlisted in the U.S. Navy after High School and Lars joined the Army after college. When he got out, I had gotten married and moved to Moscow, Idaho for graduate school. Lars came to visit and enjoyed the mountains and wild areas of Idaho so much that he never left. For several years in the 1970's we worked together as Moscow Hide and Fur buying fur for the Hudson's Bay Company (now called North American Fur Auctions).

Screen Shots of Eidnes Furs web sites, www.eidnesfurs.com and www.fursandskins.com

Lars Eidnes operated Eidnes Furs, Inc. in St. Maries, Idaho
from the 1970s to 2014. Lars, Linda, Pat, Kim and Lonnie
provided excellent customer service and their web sites
www.eidnesfurs.com and www.fursandskins.com and
phone numbers (208) 245-4753 and (888) 233-4366
are familiar to everyone in our industry.

Link to article about Eidnes Furs

Link to Lars' obituary

Eventually the business grew and Lars got married and it was not practical to have two fur buyers in one small town, so Lars moved 65 miles north to St. Maries. Over time the fur industry changed and our businesses changed in remarkably similar ways, offering tanned furs to craftspeople and taxidermists and diversifying into claws, teeth, antlers, skulls, bones and more. We remained friendly competitors and would often buy large lots of fur together at auction and split them up to meet our customers' needs.

With Lars' passing the inventory of Eidnes Furs has been liquidated and we know that many of you are looking for sources to purchase materials and supplies, and we appreciate Lars' crew sending you to us.

We carry many of the same items and we will be expanding to make sure we have enough to meet the demand. We know that we can never replace Lars, but we do hope that we can provide you with quality products and excellent service. Our web site is dynamic and shows exactly what we have available at this moment.

You can order with our shopping cart any time or call us on the phone at 208-882-0601, Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Most orders placed before 2:00 pm Pacific Time will ship the same day.

Picture of www.hideandfur.com web site
You can start at our homepage www.hideandfur.com or click one of the links below to browse our inventory. For example, under "Tanned Furs" you can click on "Coyote - Regular Hides" or "Coyote - Taxidermy Quality" to view the coyote hides we have available.

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